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Roofing by David Fries

David Fries, the founder of David Fries Roofing, has worked hard to establish a reputation of integrity and in roofing services in Central Oklahoma since he established his business in 1964.

In maintaining a locally owned business David has focused on keeping workmanship standards at a premium while striving to minimize overhead. For almost five full decades, David Fries Roofing has avoided fast and cheap roofing methods and has remained committed to detail oriented craftsmanship and family oriented customer service.

David Fries Roofing handles composition, wood shingle and flat roofs. All material is nailed by hand. All work performed by experienced roofers and supervised by craftsmen with a minimum of 15 years in the industry.

If you have questions about any roofing issue, please don’t hesitate to call. We happily offer free estimates.